1. Forever GREATful! Appreciative of what I have and what I don’t have! Because I know it’s all for a higher purpose! I don’t know what’s next but I know what’s NOW and it’s all LOVE! I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty and know that if im GREATful for the present then when I get there tomorrow it will be full of GREATness! #StopComplaining #StopWorrying #StopCrying #GetUp #LiveLIFE ✌️

  2. Watchin #WelcomeToFairfax with my family! Look Peace, Daddy and Mommy are on TV! #SuperBlessed 🙏

  3. #WelcomeToFairfax airing now on @pivot_tv! http://bit.ly/FFXpivot 🙏 #DieuMerci

  4. To watch ya boy’s new show #WelcomeToFairfax on @PivotTV tonight here’s the channel guide! Episode 1 airs tonight at 10pm PT/7pm Eastern! Peace and love! #TurnUp!

  5. Thanks @pivottv @JacobSoboroff & @Baratunde for having me on @TakePartLive tonight! I definitely enjoyed the experience and choppin it up with you guys about LA Fashion and style! And yes, I still stand by what I said that I think a lot of NewYork High Fashion is inspired by LA street style! If you missed it I think it airs again tonight at 10pm. ✌️#WelcomeToFairfax

  6. If you’re by a TV catch me speaking on @takepartlive in about 20minutes with @JacobSoboroff & @Baratunde! #TurnUp!!! @pivotTV 10pm ET/7pm PT

  7. Me and my boy @eshap turnin up last night at the premier party for #WelcomeToFairfax! He’s also the president of @pivottv and from New York so you know we had to make statement! #WEEEEST!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and peace to the real stars of the show! The creators @ryansidhoo @benselkow Todd! And the team @himalachi @jayworthy142 Jonathan, Jerry, Ruben, Evan, Carrie, etc! It was a pleasure working with you guys! 🙏

  8. Essentials! #Vitamins #Water #Focus Thanks @brooker.t! #MindBodySoul

  9. #TurnUP!

  10. Looking at these I had to realize, Pops was an All-American and Hall of Famer from UCLA, first round draft pick, played 12 years and two SUPERBOWLS in the league. And THEN became an attorney and passed the bar in two states! Just when you thought you achieved something and you can get comfortable, try something new!!! Challenge yourself and TURN UP AGAIN!!! #TillItsOver!!! (P.s. He was an even better Dad!) #ProudSon #Leaders