1. Easter selfie with my heart and joy! ❤️🙏 #GrammyGrams


  3. Shout out to @Nike! Got us laced up in gear out here playin futsal on the 4th street bridge with the lazer court! #NikeFC #FairfaxNatives

  4. Chopped it up with my OG @FreewayRicky, the real Rick Ross! We’ve always had a mutual respect for one another as friends and entrepreneurs but I’ve learned priceless game from him and his story! If you don’t know then read up and stay tuned! We’ve got some things in the works… #LegalTrappin

  5. A few of the new @YOUthFairfax Spring tees are now available online and in-store. Shoot over to YOUthFairfax.com or pull up to the shop to check them out! ✌️

  6. Tomorrow night! Pull up and come root for us in the @NikeLA Futsal tournament on the 4th St. bridge! There’s food, drinks, free gear and an after party! Yuurrrrp! Shout out to my team @guillermoandrade @seanlyles @troyalso and Alex! #FairfaxNatives #NikeFC

  7. Me and Uncle @SnoopDogg shaded up doin what we do! Thanks @spiro_pettas! #KidRobot420Collab #IdontSmokeGreenIStackIt

  8. @YOUthFairfax Spring 2014 shoot featuring my BMX Rider @gabe_brooks in the “To The Rib” tee! Droppin this Thursday!

  9. @youthfairfax Spring 2014 drops Thursday!

  10. @YOUthFairfax “To The Ribs” tee modeled by @ricky_bricks. Shot by @shotbyduckworth and styled by @milli4really 🙏